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Simplify food safety with our bright and conspicuous stickers.


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Two Stickers keep food safe and make food sensitivities stand out.

Easily label food as being free from, or containing, a food sensitivity trigger like gluten or nuts. Each pack contains 100 stickers; mix packs include a number of green “free-of” and red “contains” stickers.

Our first order of stickers includes a small amount of extra backer as can be seen in the pictures, which will be trimmed in future orders. It doesn’t change the stickers, we just think our sheets will look even better on future runs!

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Additional information

Weight .03 kg
Sensitivity Trigger

Gluten, Nuts, Peanuts

Pack Type

Mixed 50 Free-of / 50 Contains, Free-of, Contains, Mixed 10 Free-of / 90 Contains, Mixed 20 Free-of / 80 Contains, Mixed 30 Free-of / 70 Contains, Mixed 40 Free-of / 60 Contains, Mixed 60 Free-of / 40 Contains, Mixed 70 Free-of / 30 Contains, Mixed 80 Free-of / 20 Contains, Mixed 90 Free-of / 10 Contains

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