Why “Two” Stickers?

We think it might be even more important to identify food that contains a a sensitivity trigger as the foods that don’t. This is for a few reasons.

Comprehensive labelling is more conspicuous than selective labelling – we think it is more likely to draw someone’s attention.

As well, comprehensive labeling helps build a routine – all food is classified, one way or another (note: apply stickers only to food packaging and not to food itself).

Finally, providing our red octagons anticipates mistakes – we believe it is super important to make it easy to identify contaminated food, because oopses happen! And we they do, we still want you to be safe!

How do I best use your stickers?

Check out our Use Instructions for some ideas! Ultimately, food safety is up to you, so please use our stickers, and your food, responsibly!

I’m struggling financially, and my food sensitivity only makes it more difficult to afford safe, healthy food. Can you help?

Absolutely – we provide a discounted price for people who might otherwise not be able to afford our stickers. Let us know about your circumstances at info@twostickers.com, and we’ll do our best to help you!

We care about your privacy, so please do not send us sensitive or detailed financial information, just a quick blurb so we can decide that we should help you access our products!

Are your stickers waterproof? Reusable?

While our stickers are durable, they are not designed to survive a trip through the dishwasher. This is because we do not recommend reuse of a sticker on a container through multiple uses.

Why? Because eventually the system could fail, and contamination for people with a food sensitivity is too great a risk to take. It is safest to apply a label each time a container is used, eliminating the temptation to use a mis-labeled container (danger!). We make our stickers inexpensive and out of low-impact paper, so you can make sure your food is labelled properly.

Are your stickers food safe?

Our stickers are designed to be applied to food packaging, and not directly to food items.

Can I order Two Stickers for a friend?

Absolutely! And when they receive them, they’ll know you care!

Does the use of your sticker guarantee food safety?

No. Our stickers are an awareness and knowledge tool. They should only be used to mark food appropriately, but we cannot guarantee how anyone has used our stickers. Use our stickers wisely, and communicate with your friends and family about how they should be properly used!

When will you make a sticker that addresses my food sensitivity?

We are continuously evaluating ways to better serve the needs of those with food sensitivities. Please let us know if you think we should expand our sticker line up, or if you have any other ideas to improve the ways we can help those with food sensitivities. Contact us at info@twostickers.com.

How much is shipping?

Our flat rate shipping within Canada and the United States is only $2 (worldwide, $3). Shipping rates are discounted for subscriptions.

What if I run out of Two Stickers?

Sign up for a subscription to receive stickers regularly with discounted shipping, saving you time, money, and hassle.

You guys are great, and I love your stickers! I’d like to use it in my restaurant / bakery / store, or just order a bunch at once!

Awesome, we think you’re great too! Contact us at info@twostickers.com for special pricing on bulk orders of more than 2,000 stickers at a time, along with sales and distribution opportunities.

I work for a charity or non-profit that helps supply food to those in need – we’d love to use your stickers!

Awesome! We think everyone deserves safe food, and want to help you with your mission! Contact us at info@twostickers.com and we are happy to discuss arrangements to provide discounted stickers to help your group’s mission.

I have an idea to make your stickers better!

We want to hear from you! Contact us at info@twostickers.com.

I have a question you haven’t answered!

Give us a shout! info@twostickers.com