Use Instructions

Last revised May 9, 2018

Below are some quick ideas on how to best use our stickers!

  1. Stickers alone cannot prevent cross-contamination. They help inform others of the presence of food contaminants, and sensitivities to food contaminants. However, stickers are effective tools only if used properly. Ultimately, users of Two Stickers’ products are responsible for food safety.
  2. “Contaminant free” stickers should be applied to food products only when they are known to be free of the contaminant. If food becomes cross-contaminated, remove the “contaminant free” sticker and replace it with a “contains contaminant” sticker.
    You might want to reserve these stickers to someone “in the know” who is very careful about their application.
  3. “Contains contaminant” stickers should be applied to any food that is, or might be, contaminated.
    Keep these stickers available to anyone, so they can easily mark cross-contaminated food.
  4. Stickers should not be applied directly to food; apply out stickers to packaging like a jar or bottle.
  5. Our stickers have a great adhesive, but some surfaces are hard to stick to. Be careful of waxy, frosty (frozen), or other hard-to-stick-to packaging, especially if you are placing a “contains contaminant” sticker or replacing a “contaminant free” sticker with a “contains contaminant” sticker.
    We recommend you don’t reuse stickers, as the adhesive will not be as sticky the second time around.
  6. For ideas and fun videos about food safety, follow our website and social medial: @TwoStickersLtd
  7. Be part of a community – contribute to and help the gluten-intolerant stay gluten free!