Use Instructions

Below are some quick ideas on how to best use our stickers!

Click here for a convenient, printable PDF!

  1. Our stickers are a helpful tool – you remain responsible for your food safety.
  2. “Free of” stickers should only be applied to food products known to be free of the contaminant.
    • We suggest you keep these stickers to someone who is very careful about what they are placed on.
    • If food becomes contaminated, remove this sticker and place a “contains” sticker.
  3. “Contains” stickers should be applied to any food that does, or might, contain the contaminant.
    • Keep these stickers available to anyone, to easily mark contaminated food.
  4. Stickers should not be applied directly to food; apply stickers to packaging.
  5. Some surfaces, like waxy or frosty surfaces, are hard to stick to. Be careful when applying stickers to hard-to-stick-to packaging.
  6. Our stickers are removable from most packaging. The adhesive will not be as sticky the second time around, so we don’t recommend re-use.
  7. For ideas and fun videos about food safety, follow our website and social media: @TwoStickersLtd
  8. Be part of a community – contribute to and help the gluten-intolerant stay gluten free!